Nandana Bhatt

" I landed from U.S I experienced a severe acidity trouble. I started getting boils on my skin and I thought it might be a Skin problem.Someone recommended me to go through the Ayurveda treatement for a permanant solutions. Though I knew it will take some time but I wanted to get a permanant solutions to my problem. Luckily I had one advertisement on my mobile from Ayurzones which is a online network of Ayurveda doctors.Initially I ignored this message but luckily I didn't delete it and it was there in my mobile.I consulted a Ayurveda lady doctor through Ayurzones and she identified it as hyperacidity. She started my treatement through Ayurvedic medicines and has recommend me with some Yoga activities as a daily routine in the morning. It took 3 months and my problem was completely solved without any side effects. The best part is that Ayurzones have been a great help during the entire treatement.I use to get teh reminder message everyday on Yoga and medications. I didnt believe that we have such structured and designed format of treating the patients in India as well.Thanks for the perfect diagnosis, proper treatment and amazing support from''

Ranjana Pawar

"My age is 80 years and for last 22 years I am suffering from osteoarthritis. I am completely bedridden and cannot walk and had a severe pain in both the knees and swelling. Over the last 1 year the condition is more worsened and I cannot even stand on my feet. I was completely parasites even for my daily chores at home. I took doctor advise and started with Ayurveda treatement and ordered some medicines and oil from on my doctor recommendations. My doctor assured me that I will be okay in 6 months with regular treatement and with some routine exersice. She gave me massage, medicated steam, basti (all are panchakarma treatments) and Ayurvedic medicines orally.I am taking doctors treatement for last 5 months and now I can walk independently  at home and also doing some of my own works.Though my doctor said that with my age I cannot get rid of these joint pain completely or will be back to my usual life like others but I am atleast satisfied that I can walk at home and is not completely dependent on others.My knee joint swelling has gonethe  and pain is reduced to almost 60%. I am very happy with the treatment'' and ofcourse the regular support recieved by on a day on day basis for last 5 months.

Ritesh Agarwal

At the age of 32, I started noticing a bald patch on my scalp near the forehead. I was very worried with the regular fall of hair and consulted many doctor on hair transplant. But I was very scared to go against the natural instinct and wanted any permanent solutions through medication. But the way I had a hair fall I was very scared of losing my entire hair in 6months time. I immediately referred to one of the advertisement I saw on Facebook by who assured the symptom as curable with no side effect and as a permanent solutions. I got a herbal treatment from Ayurzones and also bought a herbal oil for external application on the scalp with the daily herbal medicines.I started seeing hair growth on the affected area within 2 months and gradually experienced the entire hair growth and it is restored to normal. I am really very happy with the Ayurvedic medicines from on hair growth and also very satisfied with their recommended Ayurveda doctor. I personally recommended many of my friends and family to this site to take the personal support on their similar problem. All credit goes to

Leonity Kabashi

Opening up and discussing such private matters as sexual health is not necessarily an easy task. Yet, my wife and I have found in a trustworthy, caring, and truly helpful professional who has allowed us to face uncomfortable truths and grow stronger as a couple. Ayurzones approach to sexual health draws from several schools and theories, which makes sessions both therapeutic and informative. Doctors from Ayurzones investigates not only problems but also seeks out root-causes, and explores a variety of solutions and treatments. I wish we did not need help with our sexual life. But since we do, I am glad that we consulted the doctors from Ayurzones ans used the Ayurveda medicines after teh doctor recommendation. It has no side effects and is also very useful and would recommend this to anyone.

Faizal Durani

I’m 63, and for few years, I am not been able to cope up with my physical as well as emotional desire for intimacy. I couldn’t manage a long lasting sex and even cannot have a long erection. I consulted my doctor and he recommended me Ayurzones and they prescribed me Viagra to enhance my sexual power.I started using it before sex  and within 5 months of usage my results were amazing! It’s like being in my twenties again! It was fFirm, long lasting, skin splitting erections. I use to enjoy sex with my wife for hours an hour now and has never though to repeat my sexual life again in my sixties. I hope all men suffering from ejacuation dysinfunction can experience the same what I had. My confidence and self esteem are back, and we couldn’t be much happier than this.  The only side effects I experienced were flushing in my cheeks (that’s when I know it’s kicking in, roughly 20 minutes after taking), and slightly dry mouth. All you need to drink water as much as you can to avoid the dryness of mouth.

Anil Rajrappa, Tamilnadu

It’s been more than 2 years since I got married. But as I had a  low sperm count, we were not able to conceive. I took lot of medicines and consulted many doctors for almost 1 year, but I did not see any result. We actually gave up our hope, then one of my friends’ suggested me to visit and buy the Musli power medicine from there. So, I visited this website and consulted teh doctor they provided me. I was given six month course medicine to increase my sperm counts. The treatment really worked and fortunately my wife was able to conceive and we became parents. Withe every month of medication I felt more energetic than before ,I could hold more longer on sex and its not only that my wife concieved but we also enjoyed sex and it was just a new feel.We moved back to our newly married life.The results was so positive. I thank and its doctor and consultation and ofcourse the musli power.This experience was outsanding and I shared it with many of my friend and recommended it to many till now. This website is real authentic and the medicines and treatement was real cheap.