Zycoliv Liver Tonic

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Product Specification

Zycoliv tonic is an ayurvedic supplement for iron deficiency and anemia. It is a combination of naturally processed iron and essential medicinal plants that are helpful in treating iron deficiency and anaemia. It is also useful in post-natal and post-surgical cases, it delivers iron in a highly assimilable and easily absorbable form without causing constipation.


Amla (Emblica officinalis) 90%

Wheat Grass (Triticum aestivum) 8%

Active Constituents

Vitamin C Aids digestion

Key Benefits:

  • It is a completely herbal product with potent ayurvedic herbs, used to manage ailments associated with anemia
  • Naturally treats low levels of iron and helps support the formation of red blood cells, essential in maintaining cellular energy
  • It contains detoxifying properties which helps remove harmful chemicals and maintains proper liver functions
  • It improves overalls energy levels and relieves signs of fatigue and exhaustion

Dosage  - 15-20 ml. with equal amount of water twice a day preferebly empty stomach

Benefits of Amla

Powerful antioxidant & improves immunity, Maintain healthy blood sugar levels and strengthens heart muscles, Improves eye sight, Reduces stress & High BP.

Relieves constipation & Aids digestion, Promotes bones, teeth, nails & hair growth, Detoxifies liver & kidney Anti-aging & increase red blood cell count.

Benefits of Wheat Grass

Increases energy levels,slow down the ageing process, Improves digestion & Bowel movement.

Improves blood sugar disorders, Improves blood circulation, Anti-oxidant & Anti-inflammatory.

Note: We highly recommend to consult your nearest Ayurveda physician as each body & individual has their own immune power to consumption of any medicines.

Customer Reviews

Ankur (sales.asinfo@gmail.com) 25 Dec 2019
Vaseem Reyaz (vasimreyazbsnl@gmail.com) 01 Jan 2020
Nice ... medicine
asif bhai (ashaikh5656@gmail.com) 12 Feb 2020
Good ayurvedic medicine ...pachan ki samashya ko sahi krta hai
Nilesh More (bpgap10@gmail.com) 12 Feb 2020
Nice Medicine
sonu (sohanpalverma@gmail.com) 12 Feb 2020
सर मैं 2 हप्ते से इस दवा को यूज़ कर रहा हु... मेरा पचन पहले से अच्छा हुआ है.
Akhilesh Kanojia (akhilesh2008.2010@rediffmail.com) 12 Feb 2020
best ayurvedic tonic for liver
Gresh (hgfdzak2019@gmail.com) 12 Feb 2020
इस दवा के उपयोग से पाचन में पहले से सुधार हुआ है।
santosh thakur (santoshthakur7398@gmIl.com) 12 Feb 2020
mujhe hamesa kabj ki sikayat rhti thi ish tonic ko lene ke baad kafi fayeda mila hai
ashi puri (ashiden786@gmail.com) 12 Feb 2020
achha hai
Satish MISHRA (s.mishrasatish1968@gmail.com) 12 Feb 2020
Good tonic ...इससे मेरा हाज़मा काफी सही हुआ है
Bishnu Acharya (abishnu327@gmail.com) 12 Feb 2020
काफ़ी असरदार दवा है....
satendr jain (satendrajain43@gmail.com) 12 Feb 2020
mujhe bhi kharidna hai...
Gopinath Mahakud (gopinathmahakud8249@gmail.com) 14 Feb 2020
Good medicine ... very effective

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