Ayurzones is considered to be the hub for all direct vitamins. We have been delivering the Indian made vitamins and supplements for the last 5 years at the doorsteps and has provided the confidence and quality to many individual health regimes in the country.

Our manufacturing unit of our herbal products is in Delhi under one roof. We have the experienced industry experts who are into research and development of the end products and we ensure care of hundreds of thousands of customers each year.

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We have a helpful customer support team who provide all type of supports required more than the products. We provide one-to-one naturalistic services and wellness guidance, so you know every decision you continue to make to build a healthy lifestyle is a confident and consulted one. This has always helped us to retain with our customer for last 5 years.

We are proud to be one of the most trusted health partners in India. We are also certified seller from Ministry of Ayush on all kind of Ayurveda products.

The Ayurzones Story

Ayurzones first began in a spare room in a small city of Jharkhand in 2014.

The founder of the company had been involved in the health industry for 12 years and had decided that he wanted to improve the wellness of Indians through the introduction of vitamins and supplements into their lives.

We believe that it is always better to take prevention than to cure our self as the usual lifestyle and food habit in the country is not good with most of them in the country.

As we are grown up in the country we understood it very clearly that the nutrient levels in foods had been diminishing over time and would continue to do so.

The founder created unique formulas in combination with Naturopaths and built the product range from the ground up to where it is today at nearly 100 different products.

He always believed in keeping the range simple but effective without creating confusion for his customers by padding the range with unnecessary variations as many companies do.

From the time of conception, we at Ayurzones have always prided ourselves on high quality formulas and ingredients and excellent customer service. We would always prefer that people take the correct dosage of products to get the therapeutic benefits. All products must provide a real health benefit to our customers and are developed utilizing the latest traditional and scientific evidence available. Our Naturopathic and Research and Development team are constantly searching the world for new studies, evidence, and clinical trials to support new and existing product development.

With free naturopathic advice available to all of our customers and a 30 seat call center staffed by highly trained customer service professionals and naturopaths, Ayurzones provides a level of service second to none.

With convenient ordering options through to the provision of a huge database of educational articles, Ayurzones customers can learn anything they want about health and product choices whilst having the products delivered to their door with same day dispatch on the day of the order.

Our customers are considered to be the most well informed and educated health individuals in India who constantly provide welcome feedback to the company about how to improve the product range and its service.

We believe that the more our Ayurzones customers understand their own health requirements and options the more they can improve the wellness of themselves and their families.